"The earlier the better and you have continuous discussions.  You change the way you present it and what you say as they get older"                                                                                                                                           -Colorado Parent/Caregiver

As a parent it may feel like your kids are not listening to you or that your influence over their behaviors and decisions has lessened as your kids become older and more independent.  That is absolutely not the case!  Your influence as a parent or caregiver actually matters MORE than anyone else in your child's life when it comes to their behaviors and decision-making, especially about substance use.  

Peer Assistance Services is pleased to offer a series of podcasts to assist you in having conversations with your youth.


What is One Step Ahead?

In 2016 Peer Assistance Services completed a statewide needs assessment to find out what parents thought about youth substance use.  These are the results.

Perception of Harm

During the needs assessment 91% of parents surveyed said that use of marijuana was never okay, 86% say use of tobacco was never okay and 58% say use of alcohol is never okay.  We know that underage use of these substances can have long term consequences, so why is there such a discrepancy of perceived risk?

Risk of Use

Alcohol and drug use can have a big impact on brain development and growth. In this episode we will discuss some of those risks.

Opportunities to Start a Conversation

As parents it is important to have open and frequent conversations with kids about alcohol and other drugs.  Find out what they are learning in school and discover good opportunities to start a conversation.